My Own Private Tour Guide

Welcome to MOPTOG, our wee tour guiding company. MOPTOG stands for My Own Private Tour Guide. How cool would it be to have a trip exactly as you want it?

No compromising for others, no confusion over where to go; a fun, knowledgeable guide all of your own!

We have devised a nifty plan, to give you, the client the chance to choose your own adventure.

We will help you off the jaded, well worn tourist trails and discover treasure troves of local history, gastronomy, nature, sights and sounds.

Our professional and experienced guide will craft an unforgettable experience for you (and your group).

Meet Our Moptog Guides

About Suzanne

Your guide, Suzanne, is an interesting Irish lassie. She has traveled the world and has guided and adventured her way through Europe, South East Asia and North America.

Suzanne started her working life as a Zoologist and conservationist. A passion for the great outdoors and a naturally gregarious disposition led her down the guiding trail. She spent the past 5 years working as a land and boat based guide in New Zealand - she lived in the Antipodes for over a decade.

Suzanne then broadened her experience in Canada working as a wildlife writer, photographer and whale warden.

Nowadays, Suzanne can be found nowadays kidnapping tourists for many adventures, great and small! She is a fountain of knowledge and fun and will fashion a fabulous trip for you.

To book a tour, contact us at or visit our Facebook page.

I’m very grateful to Suzanne, she created a Wildlife Tour for me on the Otago Peninsula (Dunedin – New Zealand). She showed me the best spots where I could see the famous and impressive albatross, the funny and cute Yellow eyed penguins, the sea lions… This wildlife tour was just like a dream which I still remember and keep in my heart. I highly recommend that you meet Suzanne, she can show you a lot of different places and explain very interesting and unique things. She is the perfect guide for any tour! Hey Suzanne, your tour was brilliant and fantastic! Just like you! I had a lot of fun and enjoyed your special tour. All the best from Berlin.

Pol Petitpierre
Pol Petitpierre Mountain hiking guide, Berlin, Germany.

While in New Zealand touring recently, I met Suzanne Burns during a boat tour with Monarch Cruises in Dunedin. While the tour was able to show a few of the marine mammals and birds I was hoping to view, the experience was short and I wanted to see more.
Suzanne offered to take me on a personal tour on her own time during her day off. What a great guide! She knew all the places that gave the type of experience that makes a place become one that you will never forget. Her knowledge about the mammals and the bird life was extraordinary. I would gladly take one of her tours wherever it was offered.

Roger Mc Donell
Roger Mc Donell Owner, Stubbs Island Whale Watching, Vancouver Island, Canada

Probably one of the best Ireland tour guide I ever met. Friendly, well organised and with a broad knowledge of the territory, wildlife and botany. For one year, every Sunday, Suzanne was my guide, and I experienced the beauty of the Irish west coast landscapes, moonlight kayaking and whale watching. I can’t recommend Moptog and Suzanne enough.

Alessio Ricco
Alessio Ricco Senior Software Engineer, Rome.

Highly recommend Suzanne’s Coastal Trips. She is an enthusiastic and passionate guide. Suzanne combines her knowledge of the sea and wildlife and offers it with ease and fun! Her trips are most enjoyable. I wish her every success with this venture.

Jane O’ Leary Psychotherapist and Life Coach, Private Practice, Cork

Fantastic day out. Great having personal guide who is has a passion about Ireland and its coast!! And has a fab level of knowledge!!

Patrick Howell South Africa

MOPTOG tours are a great way to discover hidden gems in the South of Ireland. Suzanne,our tour guide, was full of knowledge and enthusiasm and managed to share her passion with us. Definitely recommend signing up for tours with MOPTOG for a highly enjoyable experience!

Randa Natalie Hannouche France

I highly recommend Suzanne as a tour guide, she is a brilliant organiser and knows the most off the beaten track routes in Ireland. Her warm, friendly disposition and amazing knowledge of wildlife means that her tours are both fun and educational. Best of all, Suzanne tailors her outings to meet the needs of individual groups, meaning that you always get a highly personalised tour based on your needs. Moptog is without doubt my favourite tour company in Ireland and I wish Suzanne continued success into the future!

Yvonne Richardule, Social Worker, Cork
Yvonne Richardule Social Worker, Cork

Suzanne is an incredibly knowledgeable guide, and her love of wildlife and the outdoors is obvious. Even more importantly though, she’s really fun and can make a five hour hike fly by. She also manages to make sure everyone stays safe along the way. Thanks for everything Suzanne, I can’t wait to go on more adventures with you!

Grace Harding, Travel Writer and Founder, The Idyll
Grace Harding Travel writer and Founder, The Idyll

I went to a few of Suzanne’s tour and they’re excellent! She’s a great guide and a mine of interesting and funny local information! It’s obvious she spends a lot of time preparing the tours, and she makes them fun and enjoyable and not boring like some organised tours! It’s great to have a personal tour guide!

Eric Thiebaut-George Chief Technical Officer, Carma Technology

I really can’t recommend Suzanne highly enough. She has an abiding and frankly contagious passion for what she does, and a formidable knowledge of both wildlife and nature in general that means you’ll always return a little wiser for having participated in one of her tours. In short, she makes education addictive. It is also immediately obvious that she takes a personal interest in each individual tour group that transcends the threadbare formality you might experience elsewhere. I have every confidence that Moptog shall thrive as its reputation grows, and deservedly so.

Neill Bursell, Freelance Writer, West Cork
Neill Bursell Freelance writer, West Cork.